Below are answers to some common questions about the current version of WeatherBug’s desktop application. If you do not find the answers to your questions below, or if your version of WeatherBug does NOT look like the one below, please click here for our Support Request Form.


FAQs for WeatherBug Desktop Applications:

  1. How do I change my Weather Station or switch cities?

    1) While online, please left-click the CHANGE LOCATION button at the top of the main screen. Ensure that your ZIP code is entered correctly and click GO.

    2) Additionally, you have the option of selecting a specific station from the list under Option B, or you may click on a station in the map in Option A. The distances listed are from the geographic center of the ZIP code you entered, so there may be a station closer to you.

    3) Once you have selected the station you want as your home station, click SET LOCATION at the bottom. This will save the new location. (if you cannot see the Set Location button in the bottom right, your screen resolution is set too low. Please adjust it to see this button.)

    Please be aware that we have both "Live" and "Nearly Live" stations. "Live" stations transmit weather data constantly while "nearly live" stations, usually located at airports, only report periodically. If the station is not updating properly, it will not show in your WeatherBug. HOWEVER, please note that occasionally a station’s name will appear in the list even though that station may be offline. This is due to a difference in the times that our various servers update the list vs. the offline station database.

    To determine if your station is live or nearly live, click Change Location and look in the yellow box in the bottom right corner labeled “Your Current Home Location” – there will be a listing for Weather Data that shows “live” or “nearly live” depending on the station you’ve chosen. You can also look at the map and choose a station in blue; these are exclusive WeatherBug stations which report “live”. National Weather Service stations, in purple, are “nearly live”.

  2. How do I uninstall the program?

    We are sorry to hear you wish to uninstall WeatherBug. Please read all the directions below to remove the program.

    Please note that if you are a PLUS user, your account will remain active. If you are a PLUS user and wish to prevent future billing, please send an email to WeatherBug Support notifying us that you wish to prevent future billing.

    To begin the WeatherBug uninstall process, you must MAKE SURE the program is not running. If there is a WeatherBug icon / temperature visible in the lower right corner of your screen, right click on it and select "Exit WeatherBug".

    To permanently remove the WeatherBug from your system after you have exited the program:

    1. Click START (from lower left of computer screen)

    2. Select SETTINGS and CONTROL PANEL or just CONTROL PANEL depending upon your version of Windows.

    3. Double click ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS

    4. Select "WeatherBug" from the list of applications

    5. Click ADD/REMOVE and follow the instructions

    This should perform a full uninstall of the WeatherBug application.

    If you're receiving an "install.log" error or "file association" error, this is probably because a firewall on your PC is preventing the uninstall. Please check to see if there is a WeatherBug icon / temperature visible in the lower right corner of your screen. If there is, right click on it and select "Exit WeatherBug".

    Then open the "My Computer" icon on your desktop, then open C:\, then go into "Program Files". Once you're in there, delete the AWS folder. This will remove any remnants of the program from the computer.

    Should you experience any difficulty with the above steps, please click here to do an advanced uninstall.

  3. How can I unsubscribe from emails?

    All WeatherBug emails include an unsubscribe link. If you wish to unsubscribe your email address, you will need your WeatherBug Registration ID. Because there are several different categories of emails we send, you may need to unsubscribe from more than one category. Please make sure to unsubscribe from ALL categories if you do not wish to receive any emails from WeatherBug.

    1. Right click the WeatherBug icon in your System Tray (the bottom right hand corner of your screen)
    2. Select "About WeatherBug."
    3. Please Click Here and enter your Registration ID
    4. Click “Submit” and follow the directions

    If you have uninstalled your WeatherBug and are unable to retrieve your Registration ID, please send us a Support Request Form and be sure to provide the email address to which you are receiving emails. A representative in our customer service department will process your request within 48 hours.

    Please note that WeatherBug does NOT share, sell, rent or lease your email address to our sponsors. If, however, you clicked on a sponsor's ad or entered your email address at their site and wish to unsubscribe from sponsor emails, please contact the sponsor directly or click the Unsubscribe link that may be at the bottom of their emails.

  4. My download won’t finish.

    The main reason a download won’t finish is due to security programs like firewalls, antivirus programs, etc. not allowing WeatherBug to finish.

    To download the current version, please make sure all firewalls, adblocking and antivirus software are set to allow WeatherBug access. This will prevent problems in the download.
    Next, please go to: where you will receive the newest version of WeatherBug.

    (If you feel that you are experiencing an issue due to a firewall, adblocking or antivirus software, you may wish to visit your vendor's website for information on how to review and/or change your current settings).

  5. Can I check if I have the most updated version?

    Right click on the temperature icon in the system tray (bottom right corner of your screen) and choose “WeatherBug Update”. This will tell you if you need to update your WeatherBug.

  6. How often do forecasts update?

    Up to 4 times each day, the National Weather Service updates regional forecasts. Your WeatherBug 6.0 will alert you to these updates when they occur by displaying a small notice in the system tray. A double chime will sound to let you know the forecast has been updated in addition to the balloon notice as seen below:

    Forecast Update

    You can turn off the audible alert or set it not to alert you during certain time periods, such as at night by clicking the Preferences button at the top of your WeatherBug. Click the Forecast Options tab, then CHECK the Active Notification Silence Time box- it should be empty when you first reach the page. You can then adjust the time that you want the sound to be off, or you can select "Off All Day" if you do not wish to have the forecast alert you when it updates. Click OK and your preferences will be set.

  7. Can I stop WeatherBug from opening automatically when I boot up?

    To keep WeatherBug from automatically opening to full screen when your computer boots up, click on the Preferences button and choose the Connection tab. Uncheck the box "If internet connection is active….” Click OK at the bottom of the window and reboot your computer and this should correct the issue.

    If you wish to completely disable WeatherBug when your computer boots up, go into Preferences and uncheck “enable WeatherBug to receive NWS alerts at Windows startup”. This means WeatherBug will NOT open at all when you boot up- you will have to manually open the program for it to run. We DO NOT recommend this as you will be unable to receive potentially life-saving weather alerts. If you disable it, anyone who wants to use WeatherBug must click the ladybug icon to open the program manually (thus you won’t get alerts until someone opens the program).

  8. Do you have an International/Canada version?

    At present, the desktop application of WeatherBug is designated for US zip codes.
    You can, however, access thousands of international locations by visiting

    Towards the bottom of the page on the left side is an "International" box where you can choose the city and country for weather information.

    International users can also receive RSS text feeds to their email accounts or favorite RSS readers with global weather info, by signing up at

  9. Do you have a Mac/Firefox version?

    We recently launched Mac and Firefox accessible versions of our popular desktop programs.

    If you wish to download the Mac version of WeatherBug, please visit

    If you wish to download our version for Firefox, please visit

  10. The weather data shows "N/A"- what does that mean?

    If any weather information is showing as "N/A", our team is already aware of the fact that this data is currently unavailable and has contacted the station owners. We will work with our station contacts to bring this data back online as soon as possible. If the weather station you are connecting to is from an airport, these stations do NOT update live and therefore we don’t show the wind conditions since they could be up to 1 hour old. All 8000 WeatherBug stations however should normally show LIVE wind conditions, so the N/A indicates a problem at that station’s wind sensor.

  11. The station is showing the wrong data.

    Please provide us with the following information so we can investigate the issue immediately:

    • the Zip Code of the station and the day you noticed the problem;
    • the Weather station ID (the name of the location such as the school, airport, etc.);
    • a short description of the problem you believe the station may be experiencing

    For example: Jones Elementary School in Allentown, PA 18104 is displaying no rain even though it is raining on (today's date).

    PLEASE NOTE: If any weather information is showing as "N/A", our team is already aware of the fact that this data is currently unavailable and has contacted the station owners. We will work with our station contacts to bring this data back online as soon as possible.

    We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. With over 8000 stations in our network, we realize that occasionally a station may have reporting issues. We have a technical support team dedicated to addressing these as quickly as possible.
    In the meantime, click the Change Location link at the top of the main screen and enter your ZIP code and choose a different station and click OK or SET LOCATION to set your WeatherBug to a new station.

  12. The weather data is not updating.

    If WeatherBug is not showing UPDATED current conditions, it may not be connecting to the Internet for updates.

    • If you are online, please ensure that any firewall, antivirus or ad-blocking software is set to allow WeatherBug access to the internet.
    • Enter the URL into the firewall or software to give WeatherBug full access. (Note: no www or http:// is required before the deskwx address)
    • After you have done this, please shut down your computer and restart it to allow the firewall, adblocking or other software the opportunity to recognize this change.

    It's also possible that the weather station you are connecting to may be temporarily down. You can select a different station by clicking the Change Location button on your WeatherBug, typing in your zip code and clicking "Go", then choosing another station and clicking the "Set Location" button.



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