About WeatherBug® Browser Bar powered by MyWebSearch

What is the “WeatherBug Browser Bar powered by MyWebSearch”?

The WeatherBug Browser Bar powered by MyWebSearch provides live, neighborhood weather from our network of WeatherBug Weather Stations to your browser. It also includes a separate "universal search" capability, from MyWebSearch, which offers search results from four leading search engines (Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves and LookSmart) at once. This gives you advanced capabilities for searching for the things you need the most. It also helps us keep WeatherBug free. You’ll find this new "search" box to the left of your address bar.

  • WeatherBug Application Icon – launches the WeatherBug application
  • Current Live Temperature Icon – provides you with live temperature for the Zip Code of your choice
  • Forecast Icon – shows forecasted weather conditions
  • High/Low Temperature – provides you with today’s forecasted high and low temperature
  • Search Field – allows for easier access to find the results you want. Enter a word or search phrase and instantly see results from up to four search engines at once: Ask Jeeves, Google, Yahoo and LookSmart

Who owns MyWebSearch? Is MyWebSearch part of WeatherBug?

MyWebSearch is a search capability offered by Ask Jeeves, one of the early innovators in search capabilities and technology. For more information on MyWebSearch, go to www.mywebsearch.com. MyWebSearch is working in association with WeatherBug (owned by AWS Convergence Technologies).

Can I remove the WeatherBug Browser Bar?

Yes. Simply go to the Control Panel, select "Add/Remove Programs,” find "WeatherBug Browser Bar powered by MyWebSearch" and select the option to remove it. This will remove the WeatherBug Browser Bar powered by MyWebSearch from your browser, deactivating both the WeatherBug capabilities in your browser, as well as the search box next to your address bar. Your new WeatherBug desktop application will not be affected by this.

Is WeatherBug or MyWebSearch adware or spyware?

No. The WeatherBug Browser Bar powered by MyWebSearch is a search tool, and simply affords you the ability to choose among various search engines. It only responds to your search queries. You may install it, or not, and you may remove it at any time, as described above. The WeatherBug desktop application is a weather information utility that provides you with the only live weather information available. It is advertising-supported to keep it free, but it is not adware. It has no capability to track your surfing habits or decipher what you do on the web, or transmit any personal information.

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