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Is WeatherBug spyware?

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WeatherBug does not monitor, collect data or 'spy' on its user base. If a software program is implying or reporting that WeatherBug is 'spyware', it is completely incorrect. WeatherBug is incapable of tracking your overall web use or deciphering anything on your hard drive. WeatherBug has no functionality to determine what you were doing/where you were surfing before you opened your WeatherBug program - nor where you go after using the WeatherBug.

Nor is WeatherBug Adware— we are scrupulously careful about the inalienable rights of our consumer and business users, and adhere to the strictest standards that currently exist relating to informed consent and clear notice.

WeatherBug helps fight Spyware

With computer privacy a vital issue for so many people, we want to assure you that WeatherBug, in addition to being adware-free and spyware-free, is committed to helping our millions of users understand how to remove spyware from their computers, if they desire to do so. Spyware, as defined by CNET, generally refers to any technology that gathers personal information about your computer's configuration, or your surfing/shopping habits - including information such as Web sites you've visited, your IP address, and your computer's host name. WeatherBug does none of these things. We do not advertise any product that we know to be spyware, and we require any software that is offered with WeatherBug, including the My Search toolbar, to also be spyware-free.

In order to insure that your computer is free from spyware, we recommend downloading and running a spyware detection program. While WeatherBug does not endorse any specific spyware detection product, here are links to companies with which we are familiar. The developers of these products advertise them as reliable and effective programs for detecting spyware.
Spy Sweeper

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