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AWS WeatherBug
AWS, Inc., formerly known as Automated Weather Source, has over eight years experience developing Windows™ compatible weather software for the Education and the Broadcast Television Industries. WeatherBug is our first offering to the public as a FREE DOWNLOAD! We are very excited about this new feature product that brings LIVE, hyper-local weather data to your desktop.

AWS is proud to be a pioneer in providing local Internet content to the Broadcast Television Industry and developing educational technology applications and resources that aim to increase student achievement in the classroom. Since 1992, AWS has maintained the Worldwide School WeatherNet™ Program - the world's largest automated weather network. With active sites in over 5,000 communities throughout the US, the AWS WeatherNet surpasses the National Weather Service's network of weather monitoring stations and is the only provider of real-time, local weather data over the Internet.

AWS Worldwide School WeatherNet™
The AWS Worldwide School WeatherNet™ is an innovative teaching tool that brings real-world applications into the classroom and creates a learning environment that excites students about science, math and geography. This powerful program provides teachers with practical uses of both the Internet and today's latest classroom technology. It incorporates an advanced weather monitoring system with educational software, customized K-12 lessons, the World Wide Web and local television. WeatherNet also enables schools to provide a valuable resource, LIVE, LOCAL weather to the community - because as the comedian George Carlin said, "nobody lives at the airport!"

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Weather Stations Connected to AWS
WeatherBug uses the power of the Internet to connect directly to the over 5,000 automated weather reporting stations that make up the AWS Worldwide School Weather Network™. Many of the sites in the AWS Network are connected to a direct Internet connection so that data is always reported in real-time. Some weather stations are not yet connected to the Internet, but are linked AWS via a standard phone line/modem setup and polled at least once per hour. In both cases, AWS repackages the data and sends it live out over the Internet to your computer.

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