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Installation Issues
  1. Q: Is the installation difficult?

  2. Q: I downloaded WeatherBug, but it's not running.

  3. Q. What is a "missing DLL" error?

  4. Q. Why did the installation put files over my Windows desktop?

  5. Q. How do I upgrade my current version of WeatherBug?

    1. Is installation difficult?

    The installation process is automatic and straightforward. Few WeatherBug users will encounter any problems. The time of the download depends on the speed of your connection and your computer system. Please exit out of all non-essential programs (i.e. Outlook or Outlook Express) prior to the install process but remain connected to the Internet.

    After the initial download process is complete, the WeatherBug installation will begin. At the end of the installation, the program will ask you to register. WeatherBug will not operate until registration is complete. This requires you to enter some minimal information about yourself.

    If you need to install WeatherBug to a directory other than the default, please click here to download WeatherBug to your hard drive and install from there.

    2. I downloaded WeatherBug, why isn't it running?

    Please click Windows START and then "WeatherBug." If the WeatherBug icon does not show in the Windows START menu, it was not fully installed.

    If you have the WeatherBug setup file on your hard drive, you can install WeatherBug from there: Click on START then select SEARCH and then FOR FILES AND FOLDERS. Type wxbugsetup* into the "Search for Files or Folders Named:" field and click on SEARCH NOW. When you find the file, double click it to install.

    You may download and install WeatherBug by clicking on "Free Download" at the top, left of this page.

    3. What is a "missing DLL" error?

    4. Why did the installation put files all over my Windows desktop?

    You have installed WeatherBug on your desktop. Files should be installed to C:\Program Files by default, not to the Windows desktop..

    To correct the problem, please click on Windows START, SETTINGS, and CONTROL PANEL. Double click on the icon: ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS. Find and highlight WeatherBug, click the ADD/REMOVE button and follow the directions. Restart your computer. If any WeatherBug files are left on your desktop, delete them.

    Now reinstall WeatherBug using the default installation directory of C:\Program Files.

    6. What is the current version of WeatherBug and how do I upgrade my current version of WeatherBug?

    Please right click the WeatherBug icon in the System tray and select WEATHERBUG UPDATE to see if you have the latest version of WeatherBug.

    To upgrade your version of WeatherBug please click on "Free Download" at the top, left of this page.

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