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Digital Forecast — Powered by NWS

What Is It?

WeatherBug leverages information provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Weather Service (NWS) along with WeatherBug's own proprietary solutions and infrastructure to deliver state of the art, high resolution forecasts to WeatherBug users.

This forecast, called the Digital Forecast (DF), is a product that uses high resolution forecast data compiled by forecasters at 122 NWS Forecast Offices in the United States and its territories.

The DF is based on 200 million points of data plotted on a grid that covers the entire country in three-square-mile increments. As conditions change throughout the day, grid points are updated by meteorologists — local to your area — to assure the highest degree of accuracy.

How Will It Help Me?

The DF will provide you with a better, more accurate forecast because it is tailored to your desired location. For example, if you live near the ocean, your hourly DF will be different than that of a location five miles inland. If you live in a valley, the forecast will be different than a location at a higher elevation.

The DF will help you plan and make better decisions for convenience and comfort.

  • How should I dress for the baseball game tonight at the stadium across town?
  • Will soccer practice be on tomorrow at 2pm?
  • Should I water my plants this evening or will it rain tomorrow?
  • Should we move our tennis match to later in the evening because it will be hot?

The DF will make day-to-day questions like these easier to answer so you can make the right choices.

How Is It Different from Other Weather Forecasts?

Forecasts from other weather providers are typically created at a single "hub" location by a small staff of meteorologists unfamiliar with local climates and nuances of the many unique forecast regions across the country.

The DF taps the expertise of highly trained NWS meteorologists from 122 field offices across the United States. These meteorologists apply their knowledge of the local climate and terrain to make more accurate and informed forecasts. They also leverage the power of WeatherBug's live Tracking Station network to help fine-tune their forecasts.

The combination of live, neighborhood-level conditions from WeatherBug Tracking Stations and hourly location-specific forecasts from the NWS is unique to WeatherBug and a powerful solution for WeatherBug users.