This section has answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find your answer here, contact Mobile Support. We answer each question in the order it is received and our normal email response time is less than 36 hours. Thank you for supporting WeatherBug.


FAQs for Mobile Weather for WAP 2.0 Mobile Phones:

  1. Which mobile phone companies support the WeatherBug Mobile WAP 2.0?
  2. Which Verizon Wireless phones support WeatherBug Mobile Web 2.0?
  3. Which Nextel phones support WeatherBug Mobile Weather?
  4. How do I save my current location/tracking station?
  5. How many locations does WeatherBug provide weather information for?
  6. How will I know if there is a Severe Weather Alert for my area?
  7. Does WeatherBug offer looping radar?
  8. I selected a station in my area, but the camera seems to be a few miles away. Why is this?
  9. How do I submit photos to WeatherBug from my phone?
  10. How often are WeatherBug's current weather conditions updated?
  11. I compared your data and conditions to another weather offering and your readings are different. Why is this?
  12. What does WeatherBug Mobile Web 2.0 mobile phones cost cost?
  13. I have a billing question about Verizon Mobile Web 2.0 who do I contact?
  14. I've submitted a photo to WeatherBug, how can I view it?
  15. My local station keeps dropping/disappearing. Why?



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